Brain Boy

Oct 1, 2012

When I first read this comic as a little kid it frightened the life out of me. I asked my parents where tapwater came from. From a reservoir? Is that like a lake? Yes? Yikes, our local reservoir could be full of evil microscopic aliens too!!!!

Aren’t Dell comics odd? Although their painted covers are often striking. Brain Boy 6 was the final (quarterly) issue dated September to November 1963. I would have bought it second hand a couple of years after that. Brain Boy most obviously isn’t a boy. His brain doesn’t find a way to defeat the evil microscopic aliens. He accidentally finds that mains electricity is the solution. He is brainy enough to find an extremely long mains extension cable that can reach from his house to the lake and throws his radio in. No more evil microscopic aliens but please, please don’t try that at home kids………