The Ten…Eleven…Fifteen

Nov 1, 2012

It’s not unusual for comicbook characters to fade away and re-appear years later. It is unusual for a 12 issue limited series to halt in its tracks midway through the story and then to continue after a gap of over 3 years.

The first issue of “The Twelve” was number 0 (?!?). This appeared about the same time as I began this blog. Issue 8 was dated December 2008. Issues 9 – 12 weren’t published until this year. I now find myself owning 15 issues of what was to be a 12 issue miniseries. (issues 0, ½, 1-12 and a one-shot called “Spearhead”).

At £8.39 this book collecting the second half of the story would have made far more sense than buying 7 comics at £3 something each!! I’m sure more and more people are waiting for the “trade” these days.