Post early for Xmas

Dec 1, 2012

Ripley’s Belive it or Lump it dept:      Every day the world generates 15 petabytes ( 15 with 15 zeros after it) of new data, equivalent to the data contained in a million copies of the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, according to IBM. Here are my bytes to add to the heap.

Something for the weekend dept:      In May 1967 I bought this. I think I might read it again for the first time in 45 years (!?!) this weekend. Perhaps you’d like to read it too?


I wish I was organised dept:      I downloaded this tune earlier this year and forgot to make a note of the band’s name. I couldn’t even make out what language they were singing in.

So I’ve just made a concerted effort and discovered that the tune is by a 1960s/1970s Cambodian singer/band by the name of Yol Aularong. He/They have a couple of other tracks available on UTube but this one is still my favourite. It cheers me up every time it comes around on “shuffle” on my mp3 player.

I don’t like W H Smiths dept:      When I think of all the money they have had from me over the years….. I’m going to do my best to give them much less next year. They have deteriorated over the last few years. The nearest store to me is really gloomy with narrow isles and stuff set out haphazardly. You can’t place your purchases on the counter for clutter and almost-date-expired “half price chocolate”. The magazines are crushed together. They don’t appear to stock the new UK Batman or the little Book Collector Magazine. I found some “Commando” issues hidden behind comics for 5 year olds. I gathered a stack of magazines and queued for 10 minutes. My purchases came to £24. The conversation then went something like:- “Do you want a bag?”. “Not if you’re going to charge me for one!”. “They’re only a penny.” “I don’t care. There is a principle at stake here. I’ve just given you £20 and thousands over the years. Surely I deserve a crummy bag.” “I’m sorry you feel like that. We’re trying to save the environment”. “How does giving you an extra penny save the environment?”

On a previous visit to the same shop after being pestered once again to buy their half-price chocolates I was presented with a free copy of The Times. I politely declined and asked if I could have a free copy of The Sun instead. “I’m afraid not. What’s wrong with The Times?” “I already have that delivered. So rather than a free copy of The Times can I have a free bag instead? ” “No”. I had to stuff my magazines inside my jacket and go out into the driving rain.

I like Elizabeth Montgomery dept:      One xmas present to myself this year will be the box set of all 8 seasons of Bewitched. A bargain at 50 quid for 254 episodes.

Every blog has its day dept:    Blimey. It’s time for the winter Podcast already. I’m sure there must be worse ways to spend an hour. The links are in the “comments” area below.

oh…and PS…..

Happy Holidays

Another Odd Comic

Dec 1, 2012

What is odd about Thor 380 cover dated June 1987 you may ask. Well, for one thing the comic has 22 pages of story yet only 25 individual panels. Every page apart from the last was a single large panel of Thor fighting the serpent Jormungand accompanied by an extremely long and annoying “sound effect”.

Perhaps I’m doing Walt Simonson a disservice but the artwork looks hurried. Walt is listed as only doing the writing and layouts with the art being finished off by Sal Buscema although more recently it has been claimed that wasn’t the case and Walt was responsible for all the artwork. I may be wrong but with the lack of background detail in these large full-page panels it appears to me that this comic could very well consist of what was going to be 4 pages of normal artwork expanded to fill the issue. Perhaps after writing and drawing many of the previous 40 issues (at one point Thor was transformed into a frog!) he was running out of plots as after No 382 Walt left the comic. Whatever reasons prompted the strange format it’s certainly an odd comic as it takes about 30 seconds to read it from cover to cover.

The “sound effects” are stuff like:-











Makes you long for the good old days of “Biff”, “Bam” and “Pow”………

I’m not laughing

Dec 1, 2012

Laugh In Magazine

Perhaps you had to be there. Perhaps in USA 1968, compared to stand-up comics like Jack Benny, Laugh-In was ground-breaking, hip, new and edgy. I just never found it to be very FUNNY. And having two guys in suits as hosts was surely as old fashioned as music hall. They endlessly repeated lots of odd catchphrases such as “Very Interesting” and “You bet your sweet bippy” (!?!).  I was just pleased when Monty Python arrived on TV. That really did make me laugh.

Another Monitor

Dec 1, 2012

Monitor number 37 was very likely the final issue.

Monitor 37

Any takers?

Dec 1, 2012

I wonder if he ever found someone clueless enough to pay $50,000 for a ratty old british comic worth 50p?? I’m sure you can get a genuine USA FF1 for far less than that. And it’s not like that was the only time FF1 was re-printed in black and white. You can find it (in 4 installments) inside 1966 issues of “Wham”. It was also in the UK’s “Mighty World of Marvel” in 1972 and no doubt in a varied assortment of other UK Fantastic Four Annuals, comics and pocketbooks.

Hey look! I’ve got an Alan Class comic that contains the first Spiderman story from Amazing Adult Fantasy 15. If any rich but bonkers viewer wants to send me $50,000/£32,000 for it I’ll even throw in another 10,000 comics for free!!!


Dec 1, 2012