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Feb 1, 2013

I’ve been spring cleaning the blog…deleting old comments…stuff like that…when I came across some comments attached to an old post where I had merely mentioned Batman Bubblegum cards in passing. I recall that at the time I had loads of comments asking how much they were worth. How should I know? I could have looked them up on the Internet but then so could the people asking me!!!


Anyway on the 20th July 2009 I received this comment:-

“I got them of (sic) a relative but I’m not sure what series. There are 55 cards in all but there are a few missing. You think I could buy them over the net?”

I’ve just amused myself upon re-reading my reply:-

No Sir as far as I’m aware no one has ever bought anything “over the net”. Wait…you’ve just given me an idea. What if I started to sell books and CDs that way. I wouldn’t need shops. I could just set up a giant warehouse somewhere like Milton Keynes and send out the stuff through the post. I could name the company after a river…The Thames, Mississippi or Amazon. Fantastic!! Or better still I could start an on-line Auction site. That way I wouldn’t even need books or CDs or a warehouse. Just a few dozen Servers!! I’d soon have millions of customers and be rich!! Or what about starting a site where people just type in a word and you get a long list of all the sites containing that word. I could call it “Giggle” or something. We’re gonna be rich ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……………………