March of time

Mar 1, 2013


Who knows where the time goes. Here is another audio file exclusively for the select few who have previously shown an interest in these things. Adults only as it contains mild blood and mild/strong language depending on how easily you may be offended. On the plus side it also contains one of the best songs I’ll hear this year.


This time it will definitely be deleted in 30 days (if not before). All the earlier ones have been removed.You’ll never know what you missed.

more doors

Having just been in the loft to put the xmas decorations away (?!?) I thought I’d better bring something down to throw out at the same time. An old suitcase seemed an ideal candidate. Heavy. Full of magazines from the 1970s. Amongst the Sunday Times magazines (full of quaint adverts for cigarettes and Triumph Toledos) were a number of D.C Thompson comics.

Due to their size, and the fact they were “read to death” by my brother and his friends these issues haven’t survived in very good condition. I think the Beezer was the only comic my brother had or showed any interest in. After 5 years and approx 250 issues one day in 1972 he announced that he wanted the newsagent to deliver the Angling Times instead! The sturdy Beezer Book annuals however have survived in quantity….. even on my bookshelves there must still be a dozen.

Beezer cover

The Beezer was the companion to the similarly sized Topper. The Beezer ran from 1956 until (surprisingly) 1993 and the annual survived a further 10 years!!. This issue is pretty typical of what entertained my brother every tuesday from age seven to twelve……