Young Love

Mar 1, 2013

You know you’re getting old when dept:       I realised I was getting old when Country and Western music started to make perfect sense. When all the policemen suddenly looked younger than me. When I began making groaning noises as I got out of chairs. When I found myself enjoying “romance” comics much more than the current Batman or Whistling Skull nonsense.

yl cover

Throughout the 1960s Thorpe and Porter/Top Sellers had a steady output of their own publications as well as being the distributor for the majority of american comic books we received in the UK. There is no date on this comic. A popular trend at the time to extend shelf-life in your local newsagents. The back cover shows a photo of the “Searchers” pop group circa 1964. And 1964 is mentioned in one of the strips.

Young Love No 6 Top Sellers mid 1960s

And whilst I’m still in the mood for Romance comics……. Many years before she became Mrs Hellstrom, Patsy dated her future husband’s father (!?!) or was it an “imaginary story”? But aren’t they all? Can you spot the difference.