Punch up on Pop Pirate ship

May 1, 2013

Radio Caroline badge

Radio Caroline was silenced in March 1968 when both ships were towed away due to unpaid bills. An extremely low-key return to the airwaves began in September 1972 with the Mi Amigo once more at sea with DJs and crew. Extremely sporadic low power testing of continuous music would continue for the next 3 months. In December 1972 they even attempted some proper “programmes” on 197m whilst calling themselves “Radio 199”. By Christmas 1972 they were finally calling themselves Radio Caroline again. This was when I first picked them up on my little Russian radio. Things evidentally weren’t going smoothly with the equipment or the personel on board. There was an incident on December 28th 1972 which would lead to the Mi Amigo being silenced and once more returning to port.

It must have been a slow news day at the end of December 1972. There was a large article in the Daily Mirror about the “mutiny” by the captain and crew on the Mi Amigo due to unpaid wages. Even Radio Luxembourg reported it.

The MV Mi Amigo returned to sea in January 1973 and semi regular broadcasting continued until March when they were silenced again for a number of weeks with aerial issues. So I think we can say that the 1970s Radio Caroline really only got going properly in June 1973.