May contain nuts

Jun 1, 2013

Sadly, everywhere I look everything seems to contain nuts.


My favourite chocolate biscuits.
The car that undertook me on the bypass because I didn’t get out of their (90mph) way quick enough.
The local bank where I was asked for identifying documents when I’ve been going there for 40 years. I’m the same. It’s the girls behind the counter that keep changing.
Any and every call centre where you are guaranteed a labyrinth of options, fifteen minutes of “music” and no solution to whatever it was you called them about.
Even bags of peanuts now state the obvious.
The BBC News department. I despair of the current batch of clueless presenters. With their dumbed-down/biased reporting I think I’m watching Blue Peter in error.
Wordpress. They seem determined to turn it into “Facebook”. I don’t want to “follow” or “like” anyone or anything.
The whole damned Internet as Big Business climbs all over it looking for new ways to part punters from their money.
All nuts the lot of them…………..

I suppose some will say this audio file contains nuts too. At least I tried my best. I’ll get my coat.


May contain content

Jun 1, 2013



The talented artist Kerry (Halo and Sprocket) Callen has this blog, where along with a lot of great original artwork, he has adapted a number of classic comic covers into wonderful must-see animated gifs and he’s also subtly adjusted She-Hulk 50 to give her the cleavage censored/missing from the original comic.Hope Kerry is ok with me showcaseing these three images because I couldn’t resist them. What more can I say. Visit the Blog. Buy Halo and Sprocket Books and comics.Eat more cheese. Comb your hair. Feed the cat. etc etc.


PS: I’ve just been to the mighty Amazon to buy the two volumes of “Halo and Sprocket”. I’m intrigued to read the adventures of a girl sharing a flat with an Angel and a Robot?!?


PPS: If the Lois Lane and Nick Fury images aren’t moving you’ll have to refresh/replace your Browser. They work fine for me in IE but don’t do a thing in Chr*me.


Jun 1, 2013


Ellen Kraal was a fairly regular Radio Caroline DJ on the Mi Amigo between 1973 and 1978 using the name “Samantha” and most often heard on the after-midnight shifts. Surprisingly she re-appeared on the Ross Revenge in September 1984 and again in late October/November 1984 for what would be her final offshore broadcasts. Sadly it was reported that she died in 1992 when she must only have been in her early forties.

Here is a recording from September 1984 featuring Samantha. Unfortunately when I began “project downsizing” five years ago one of the first things skipped was a box containing hundreds of cassette tapes of 1970s/1980s Radio Caroline. Somehow this cassette has survived. WARNING: The quality of this recording is poor I’m afraid and is only suitable for anoraks . Reception of Radio Caroline from the Ross Revenge on 319m was excellent here in the daytime but alas went downhill in the evenings due to the close proximity of Radio Tunisia. The fact that my “equipment” was an Amstrad Radio/Cassette didn’t help!

PS: They climbed Everest because it was there. I post these occasional lo-fi recordings because they are here. Having spent/wasted an hour copying another old cassette of Radio Caroline from April 1984 to mp3 why should I be the only one to suffer. Actually this hour may be unique. It is the only hour from the Ross Revenge in the 1980s I’ve heard that (in my humble opinion) doesn’t contain a single duff tune. (Duff quality recording again though….)

Disc and Music Echo

Jun 1, 2013


In the late 1960s I finally tired of the repetitive stories in Valiant and asked the local newsagent to deliver “Disc and Music Echo” instead. Alas as they looked like newspapers they (and my brother’s “Angling Times”) joined the heap to be used for lighting the fire. I have just found some “NMEs” and “Sounds” from the early 70s but no “Discs”. So instead here is a Record Mirror from July 1970.



If you’ve got 90 minutes to spare hear here most of a show from September 1989.

I believed everything put before me on grainy black and white 625 line television in 1969. Now I’m not so sure. Had they really got the technology in the 1960s to get to the moon, detach the lunar module, land, go outside, walk around for a bit, take off again, re-attach to the main craft and return to earth?? If it really was possible then, surely by now, some 44 years later, we’d have had craft from China, Russia, Pakistan, Tonga, The Isle of Man etc etc all up there with flags claiming territory and mineral rights???

Moon Touch Down

Moon Touch Down

But the oddest thing of all is that viewed from Earth, despite their different sizes and distances, the Sun and the Moon look almost exactly the same size. What are the odds of the Moon being “captured” by Earth millions of years ago and being precisely in the right position between Earth and the Sun for us to witness total eclipses. And if the Moon was a few thousand miles nearer or further away from Earth the tides wouldn’t work right and life as we know it would be in big trouble. It’s obvious it was placed in that position by a giant hand!!

sun and moon

Nuff Said 40

Jun 1, 2013