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Jun 1, 2013



The talented artist Kerry (Halo and Sprocket) Callen has this blog, where along with a lot of great original artwork, he has adapted a number of classic comic covers into wonderful must-see animated gifs and he’s also subtly adjusted She-Hulk 50 to give her the cleavage censored/missing from the original comic.Hope Kerry is ok with me showcaseing these three images because I couldn’t resist them. What more can I say. Visit the Blog. Buy Halo and Sprocket Books and comics.Eat more cheese. Comb your hair. Feed the cat. etc etc.


PS: I’ve just been to the mighty Amazon to buy the two volumes of “Halo and Sprocket”. I’m intrigued to read the adventures of a girl sharing a flat with an Angel and a Robot?!?


PPS: If the Lois Lane and Nick Fury images aren’t moving you’ll have to refresh/replace your Browser. They work fine for me in IE but don’t do a thing in Chr*me.