Nobody’s gone to the moon

Jun 1, 2013

I believed everything put before me on grainy black and white 625 line television in 1969. Now I’m not so sure. Had they really got the technology in the 1960s to get to the moon, detach the lunar module, land, go outside, walk around for a bit, take off again, re-attach to the main craft and return to earth?? If it really was possible then, surely by now, some 44 years later, we’d have had craft from China, Russia, Pakistan, Tonga, The Isle of Man etc etc all up there with flags claiming territory and mineral rights???

Moon Touch Down

Moon Touch Down

But the oddest thing of all is that viewed from Earth, despite their different sizes and distances, the Sun and the Moon look almost exactly the same size. What are the odds of the Moon being “captured” by Earth millions of years ago and being precisely in the right position between Earth and the Sun for us to witness total eclipses. And if the Moon was a few thousand miles nearer or further away from Earth the tides wouldn’t work right and life as we know it would be in big trouble. It’s obvious it was placed in that position by a giant hand!!

sun and moon