Eats shoots and leaves Apostrophe’s

Aug 1, 2013


This is my comic. That is your comic. I am. You are (or You’re). It’s not exactly rocket science. Here is a  fairly recent example from Superman 20. I expect better from DC. A constant bugbear that is beginning to drive me to distraction are the regular eMails (from two different professional people who ought to know better/how to spell-check) that begin by saying:- “Hope your well”. I’ve given up replying:- “Hope my well what?  Never runs dry?”.

DC Comics logo

Another irritant is this new DC Comics logo. Your having a laugh DC……


PS: This same comic once again features the word “ixnay”. Why would a (re-booted new 52) Kryptonian use such slang? I assumed that sort of childish parlance faded out in the 1950s along with the Three Stooges. Is it really still in common regular useage in the States???