Meanwhile back in July…..

Aug 1, 2013

Eureka moment dept:    I was sitting beneath a tree at the bottom of the garden when a pine cone suddenly dropped into my glass of Guinness. No I didn’t discover gravity. I discovered that Guinness doesn’t half make a stain on brown leather shoes…

I was a free man at the bottom of the garden.
I felt unfettered and alive.
There was nobody calling me up for favours.
And no one’s future to decide.
You know I’d go back there tomorrow
But for the work I’ve taken on etc etc

Offline dept:    And sitting under the tree is as far away from the house and computers I can get. I’m reminded of the Phil Harris song “Woodman spare that tree”. His refuge is UP a “slippery elm”. In actual fact he could only get up the tree and to safety when his wife was chasing him. Determined to stay “offline” I resisted the temptation of Googling a few of Phil’s other classics like “Darktown Poker Club” and “The Thing”. I’ve always wondered what the Thing was that so upset everyone, even prompting St Peter at the Pearly gates to tell him to “take it down below”?!?


Heatwaving not drowning dept:       Boy, It’s hot today. Even the animals are feeling it. I’ve noticed some odd behaviour from the Blackbirds that I can’t recall happening in previous years. They sit down in the middle of the lawn and spread their wings full out across the grass, lift their heads up with beaks wide open and mad staring eyes. They probably stay like that for up to fifteen minutes at a time before flying off normally. Are they sunbathing? Or are they attempting to cool down? If so, you’d think it would be more sensible to sit in the shade.

And now the Robins have started behaving this way too. Are they just copying the Blackbirds or is there some survival technique at play here. No other types of bird behave this way. The Coal Tits carry on feeding and the Starlings continue to shout and argue amongst each other apparantly oblivious to the weather.

One of the Robins isn’t exactly tame but he certainly is curious as he follows me around the garden. He constantly sits on the mower handle the moment I switch off and seems to prefer garden furniture to sit on rather than twigs and branches. A few days ago I was putting some bird food out…one of those half coconut thingys… and the Robin actually came and perched on my shoulder. The last time I witnessed something similar was when I was 12 or 13 and a local Rook/Crow used to visit. If you called out it would come and perch on your arm. There’s even a photo somewhere. A few animals seem so intelligent it really makes you wonder if there is actually such a thing as re-incarnation. Don’t think I’d want to come back as a bird though.

Hoarding buried alive dept:     I’m not a hoarder at all. I’m a tidy person who at one time just happened to have a lot of stuff. Over the last five years I have solved that problem…I thought…. As it is far too nice to be inside I decided to wheel the Scooter out of the Summer House and perhaps get a new battery and see if it still runs. Of course I’d forgotten where the overflow “stuff” had been put over the last five years. The building is just crammed from floor to ceiling with boxes of who-knows-what. Opening the doors I got one of those “Hoarding” TV show moments where you step back in amazement. It looks like I’m going to be spending a month digging out the bike.