I am not a number

Sep 1, 2013

Until quite recently, if people visited “Google Images” and typed a word or phrase they were presented with loads of thumbnail pictures. Clicking on one took you to the Website/Blog associated with that image. Once you were away from Google and at another Website it was quite easy to follow various links and never need Google again for the rest of your “session”.

The geeks/boffins at Google have decided this is/was a very bad thing. They want people to stay at Google for as long as possible whilst subliminal ads are beamed into their brains. No, I just made that last bit up. But they do want you to stick around Google more than you have been doing. So having bought a few thousand more Servers Google now “caches” every image on the Interweb. This means you can see images at their full resolution without ever having to visit the Website/Blog that originally posted the image. According to the number of people cursing this “improvement” to G$$gle there’s been a devastating effect on visits/hits/traffic all over the Interweb. Even visits to this Blog are down 75%. Not that I’m losing any sleep over it.  I don’t mind being on the Information-Super-Cul-de-sac where (going by my previous efforts) perhaps as few as a dozen  people will listen to my 21st music mix. At least they will have made a conscious effort to visit here. Who needs quantity. Quality visitors are preferable. You know who you are. (If you don’t know who you are perhaps it’s time to cut back on the substance abuse!)

kate and riki

Meanwhile the masses continue to flock to this week’s “big” thing. The numbers of visitors to YouTube videos of One Dimension Direction are mind boggling. But as time goes on some unlikely videos are racking up impressive numbers. I’m amazed to see many Garfunkel and Oates songs with over one million views. If they toned things down would they be challenging One Direction? Nah! Their quirky stuff is great just as it is. I’ve always liked Sex with ducks…..(!?!)…….if you know what I mean…….

PS: Comics still have numbers but the numbers have less and less significance as the re-boots and new volumes mount up. I still think it was a shame when they re-started Action Comics and Detective Comics at number 1 two years ago. And I think it is madness when “Independent” comics are published with six different “collectible” covers for the same issue. Even one of my long time favourites, “Astro City” has re-appeared with a recent issue number 1. Incidentally, if you only buy one comic this year make it “Astro City” number 3. A proper old school/feel good story that begins and ends within the covers. It contains minimal violence and is suitable for children unlike my other long time favourite comics, Steve Gerber’s “Howard”. They do contain sex with ducks…………..