Once a year

Dec 1, 2013

Superman Ammual 2014

This book belongs to dept: I’ve just bought the 2014 Batman and Superman Annuals even though I’m sure I’ve read the stories they contain in earlier DC comics. But this year the production values are quite high. I like seeing the artwork on good quality paper, slightly larger than comic book size and housed in sturdy card covers.

Batman Annual 2014

TV21 Annual 1972

Car boot sale dept: A couple of years ago I bought a stack of dog-eared annuals from a charity shop. It was just before xmas and what with one thing and another I threw them in the car boot and then forgot all about them. Over time other items obscured them from view. Tools, car covers, magazines and a record player that were about to go to the tip but were reprieved at the last moment, etc etc. This weekend I decided it was time I tidied the vehicle and was amazed at how much “stuff” had accumulated at the back!! These were the most interesting looking of the 20 annuals……

Captain Britain Annual 1978