Somewhere in Time

Oct 1, 2014

“Somewhere in Time” is a better title than the novel upon which the film was based which was called “Bid time return”. Brief plot. Old woman finds young guy in 1972 who she’d briefly had an affair with 60 (!?!) years earlier. She dies. In 1980 guy finds same woman when she was young in 1912. They fall in love and then he loses her when he’s returned to the present. He dies of a broken heart. They are re-united in death. Happy stuff and sad stuff. Starring Christopher Reeve (fresh from his success as Superman) and Jane Seymour it is a romance with a dash of fantasy that your wife and/or girlfriend will love. Why not buy them both a copy today.

Somewhere in time

No Tardis is required for Chris to travel back in time. He just lies on a bed until he finally wakes up in 1912 to meet and woo the gorgeous Jane whom he’d fallen in love with just by seeing a photograph of her taken 68 years earlier. The film didn’t make that much of an impact at the time of its release but subsequent TV showings and VHS/DVD releases have turned it into quite a cult film now. The fan club/Website holds annual get-togethers at the hotel in Michigan where it was originally filmed. What really helps the film work as a “four hanky tear-jerker” is the moody romantic score by John Barry.

Somewhere in Time soundtrack