Scratch and Sniff

Dec 1, 2014

I did wonder why the recent Harley Quinn Annual No 1 was in a poly bag and cost $1 more than all the other annuals. We’ve had various novelties like 3D artwork in comics before, but this “Rub ‘n’ Smell issue is probably a first for comics.


Actually, the “Scratch and Sniff” technology has been around for years and has been used to “enhance” stickers, cards, LPs, CDs and books. The best worst example of a “Scratch and Sniff” book was one full of foul odours such as dog shit, vomit etc. An adult magazine once did a “Scratch and Sniff” centrefold!


Harley Quinn seems to be one of DC’s most popular characters at the moment and will no doubt be included amongst the two dozen new Superhero films now in the planning stage. There’s even going to be an Elongated Man film (!?!).

Harley Quinn Annual