What’s going on?

Dec 1, 2014

Not Supergirl I’ve bought a stack of new comics over the last few months just to check if I’m missing anything. Not really. There were perhaps five out of the 100+ issues where I got past page four, read and enjoyed. Batman, Superman……. pretty much everyone now have different (or zero) personalities and there are often stories where these classic characters appear infantile. I guess the endless animations on TV are to blame. Oh for the great comics of the 1960s-1980s. If I was a kid over 10 years old I doubt if I’d be interested in comics at all now. whats wrong MM Annual A Miracleman annual? Whatever next? How long will it be before they’ve changed the character enough that he’s part of the Avengers or teamed up with Spiderman?? I wonder what the other “can’t-miss release” is. I must remember to make sure I miss it.