Twenty five

Mar 1, 2015


ITEM: Four times a year I’ve tried to vary the mood of this blog with an audio file rather than wall-to-wall comics.

ITEM: And so we say farewell to Mr Spock, Kim Fowley, Lesley Gore, Demis Roussos and Rapidshare. The first four will be missed. The last one had long outlived its usefulness.

ITEM: There have been numerous versions of “Real Good Time Together”. What this one lacks in musicality it makes up for in honesty. Perhaps it was the last song at the last gig before they disbanded. Perhaps they thought that it was an injustice that they weren’t successful, rich and famous with a heart-felt “And all the c*nts in the press…”


It was only as I was throwing away last years’ calendar that I noticed this enormous spelling mistake. (They got it right in the small print inside the cover!).

small print

Ant Mail

Mar 1, 2015

Ant Man

Highly unusual for these days, but the April issue of “Ant Man” contains a letters page. Three pages containing a total of 37 letters actually! It’s years since I saw that.

letters 1

letters 2

letters 3

Anglo Ace 1

Anglo Ace 2

Anglo Ace 3

Anglo Ace 4

Captain Rocket

Mar 1, 2015

P.L.Publishing only issued around 16 comics, and all during the second half of 1951. The usual fare for the time. Various Westerns, a couple of Horror comics, Romance, a Crime comic, a Jungle girl comic and this one un-numbered Captain “Rocket”.

Captain Rocket

Captain Rocket

I’ve read a lot of fifties comics since they began appearing as free downloads on the Interweb. I think this is one of my favourites. Like Fiction House’s “Planet comics” it contains pretty space-girls, brains in bottles, and the stories are fun. No-one seems to know who drew or wrote them though…..



Mar 1, 2015


There will soon be as many mobile phones as people on the planet. I see people have their priorities right. Either more people own a mobile phone than own a toothbrush, or they change their phones more often than they change their toothbrushes !?!

Mobile Phones vs Toothbrushes

Fly one

Mar 1, 2015

Fly two

Mar 1, 2015