Paul di Filippo

Jun 1, 2015


As modern comics are rubbish, I’ve been re-reading this 5 issue mini-series from 2005. “Top 10” was an odd name for a comic series with a cast of thousands. At first glance it harks back to the “Hill Street Blues” TV series with the sergeant sending out his odd troops to deal with even odder situations. At second glance, like “Astro City”, the characters are all given unique and believable personalities. Many more glances are needed to peruse Jerry Ordway’s fantastic artwork. The writing of this particular follow-up series is so consistent with previous comics in the series that for a time I suspected that Paul di Filippo MUST be a psoo….psoud…alias for The Original Writer. This impression was only re-enforced when I discovered that this talented writer only ever wrote 8 comic books. These five and three for Marvel comics shortly afterwards.


However perusing the InterWikiWebs, it appears that Paul di Filippo is a novelist with a number of Science Fiction books to his name. That’s if you can believe the InterWikiWebs. I mean, you may think that this Blog is just me writing whatever rubbish pops into my brain. Really it is compiled by a full-time team of 30 Web designers using cutting-edge technology and random word generation to make the whole thing APPEAR that it is produced by someone who is totally clueless!


Can you spot Superman, the Green Hornet, Kato, the Lone Ranger, Tonto and the Black Cat in the above image?