Jun 1, 2015


Don’t do it, Don’t do it, Don’t do it!

Circa 1965 a relative gave me a few dozen second hand singles which at a stroke increased my record collection from 12 to around 50 items. FIFTY! Counting the B sides I now had ONE HUNDRED different pieces of music to listen to!! We were easily pleased in those days I guess. Those singles were played to death and most are still etched into my consciousness. Heck, if I really tried I could recall a few matrix numbers. A motley selection really, but I loved every one. Lipstick on your collar, Big bad John, Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Telstar, Halfway to Paradise, Itsy Bikini etc etc along with TERRY!!

I played this song repeatedly. It seemed so deep and mysterious and atmospheric. If I hear it now I can still visualise myself sitting with my ear against the speaker of the family HMV Radiogramme.

I never realised at the time that the singer Lynn Annette (Twinkle) Ripley would only have been half a dozen years older than me and that she had written the song aged 14 or 15 and recorded it at the age of 16!

Ultimately the record sold a quarter of a million copies. Being banned by the BBC actually encouraged sales. I’m sure the Pirates played it though. Ironically, like the X-Men/Doom Patrol co-incidence, unbeknown to Lynn, the very similar and/or completely different “Leader of the Pack” was released and charted around the same time.


Lynn Ripley 1948 – 2015