Invisible man

Jul 1, 2015


A thousand years ago (back in 2009 actually) I briefly mentioned the launch of BBC Radio One in September 1967. I found the above image in an old magazine from the time. I recently bumped into the image below which at first glance is identical apart from the odd addition of a middle-aged guy on the back row. Who was he and why did he duck down out of sight? If he moved away from the group photo he sure moved quickly as everyone else appears to be in exactly the same poses/positions in both pictures. How odd! Or are they both the same photo and perhaps for reasons unknown (maybe because he wasn’t actually a DJ?) he was airbrushed out of the image I found?


I believe the “missing” man must be Light Programme/Radio One/Radio Two Controller Robin (Scutt) Scott, who can be heard counting down to the start of the first Tony Blackburn Breakfast show on the opening day of Radio One.

2 Responses to “Invisible man”

  1. Dave Roberts Says:

    Yes its old Scotty. I have not seen the airbrushed version before. Why was he removed? I love a good conspiracy. Any ideas?

  2. Beats me. Googling “Radio 1 September 1967” now gets three slightly different pictures that all include the invisible man. Until recently the “airbrushed” image taken from my blog used to be there too but that has now vanished. Perhaps I’m dreaming the whole thing. Perhaps soon I’ll wake up and discover that this whole blog is a figment of my imagination.

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