Archie Giant Series

Sep 1, 2015


These comics originally contained 68 pages and then later went down to 52 pages. Sometime in 1975 the page count was reduced again (now down to 36 pages including the cover) to the same as regular comics and yet it continued to be titled “Archie Giant Series Magazine” right until it was discontinued in 1994. Bonkers. The way the covers continued to be printed with text along the left hand edge always gave me the impression that there ought to be more pages to justify the “Giant ” title. More Bonkersness. Most Bonkers of all though, looking at the small print inside this issue I see it was published 11 times a year: once in June, twice in September and October, and three times in January and August ?!!? How Bonkers is that?

Twenty seven

Sep 1, 2015

ITEM: Four times a year I’ve attempted to vary the content of this blog with an audio file rather than the usual crapshitrubbish. This may well be the last one I bother with and access to earlier files could soon be deleted too.


ITEM: And so we say farewell to Yvonne Craig, the best Batgirl. In 1967, due to the success of the Batman TV show, a Batgirl series was considered. In the end Yvonne was just used to spice up the third and final Batman series.

Femme Fatales magazine

A few weeks ago the High Court overturned the private copying exceptions introduced last year by our government, and consequently once again made millions of us criminals. The “Intellectual Property Office” now declare that ripping a CD in Apple’s iTunes is no longer to be permitted. Also, believe it or not, it now becomes an offense to back up your computer if it contains mp3 files, even if you had previously legitimately purchased them. This is ridiculous when more and more of the smaller tablets from the likes of Google etc are actually designed to automatically back up into the cloud rather than save media in the devices’ own memory.

It was only as recently as last year that the government legalized copying of CDs, mp3s etc as long as it was for your own personal private use, ie:they confirmed in law that it was ok to download an mp3 from Amazon to your laptop and then subsequently transfer a copy of this file to your phone or mp3 player. This was something people had been doing for years anyway in the belief that it was legal. As of this recent new High Court ruling, copying any “intellectual property” in any shape or form “without the permission of the copyright owner” becomes a crime once more. This is thanks to the music publishers, who, desperate to maintain their monopoly have managed to succeed in convncing the High Court to ban any private copying.

“” report the following:-

“It is now unlawful to make private copies of copyright works you own, without permission from the copyright holder – this includes format shifting from one medium to another.The IPO specifically notes that copying a CD to an MP3 player is not permitted. This means that iTunes’ popular ripping feature, which Apple actively promotes during the software’s installation, is illegal.”

“Also, under the current law iTunes is actively facilitating copyright infringement by promoting their CD-ripping functionality. This means that the company could face significant claims for damages. The law affects much more than just ripping CDs. Simply copying a song in an automated computer backup or storing a copy on a private cloud hosting service is now also against the law. Millions of people currently doing just that are now criminals.”

Apparently the Government isn’t happy with the High Court decision but it hasn’t decided whether it will propose revised private copying exceptions in the future. Copyright holders previously suggested allowing private copying in exchange for a tax on blank CDs and hard drives. Although currently there haven’t been any instances of copyright holders prosecuting people for simply “format shifting” music for their own personal use, due to these changes there are no guarantees that it won’t happen at some point in the future.


Sep 1, 2015

Chilling adventures of Sabrina 2 Second Printing variant cover

She’s a teenager and she’s a witch. That’s about all this (actually quite good) “Archie Horror” series has in common with the earlier cartoon incarnations. Number 1 was issued last October and cover dated December 2014. Dunno what the problem was that caused number 2 to finally appear six months later dated June 2015. The fact that they both needed a second printing proves the popularity of this series. The collected paperback version will be available in September and no doubt will work out cheaper than buying the individual comics.


More Bozz Chronicles

Sep 1, 2015

The Bozz Chronicles 2

The Bozz Chronicles 3

Back in 2008 (7 years ago. Doesn’t time fly….) I lamented that the glorious Marvel/Epic 6 issue series “The Bozz Chronicles” from 1986 had never been given the graphic novel treatment it deserved. However, in a couple of weeks time, after a mere 29 years of waiting, this omission will finally have been rectified.

bozz and amanda

Although I’ve got the comics (I’ve found two…the rest are in a box….somewhere….Galactus knows where….), I’ve ordered the book and look forward to re-reading the whole thing in the garden on the next fine day we have…. which will probably be sometime next year…. 😦


Sep 1, 2015




Scrap heap

Sep 1, 2015

Work Hard