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Sep 1, 2015

The Bozz Chronicles 2

The Bozz Chronicles 3

Back in 2008 (7 years ago. Doesn’t time fly….) I lamented that the glorious Marvel/Epic 6 issue series “The Bozz Chronicles” from 1986 had never been given the graphic novel treatment it deserved. However, in a couple of weeks time, after a mere 29 years of waiting, this omission will finally have been rectified.

bozz and amanda

Although I’ve got the comics (I’ve found two…the rest are in a box….somewhere….Galactus knows where….), I’ve ordered the book and look forward to re-reading the whole thing in the garden on the next fine day we have…. which will probably be sometime next year…. 😦

2 Responses to “More Bozz Chronicles”

  1. Dave W Says:

    I enjoyed the Epic series immensely and its good to see it getting the graphic novel treatment. I seem to remember that the first issue was quite risque, but that the following issues more restrained – at least I think I remember?
    By the way, who drew the final image shown on your blog – it looks like it is by Brandon Graham. Maybe it’s brand new for the GN?

    I’ve only recently found your blog again – by accident. My PC died 18 months ago and I lost all my links to various websites and blogs. A few weeks later I bought an IPad and had to start all over again. Sadly I couldn’t remember the names of many blogs – yours included. So glad I found it again – love the eclectic mix of comics and commentary.

    All the best
    Dave W

  2. I’m glad I’ve been re-discovered. It’s been real lonely out here at the very outer reaches of the Interweb. My laptop died 18 months ago when I jumped up and down on it and no matter what WordPress says, blogging on a tablet or phone is difficult if you’re no longer a teenager (even three times round !?!). And I guess all the other people who used to comment must have made that one click too many and fallen off the edge into the twilight zone/more interesting blogs.

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