Coverless comic

Oct 1, 2015


“Key issues” and condition are paramount to those collectors who have their 9.2 near mint comics encased in slabs of plastic. I’m told that if this comic were in mint condition it would be worth £4000. Even in average condition, complete with a cover it would be worth £100. But, coverless it’s probably worthless. Although the fact that it is coverless could well be the only reason I still have possession of it after 50 years. All my “valuable” 1960s comics (including an almost complete run of The Flash 110 to 160) were sold for peanuts in the 1970s.

Flash 123 splash page

Flash 123 is definitely a “Key issue”. Cover-dated September 1961 (and purchased second hand by a young me circa 1965) it tells the classic tale of Barry Allen’s first meeting with Jay Garrick, the Earth 2 Flash, and is responsible for starting all that nonsense of “multiple earths” and multiple versions of heroes in the DC universe which continues now even more than ever in their current comics.


What I didn’t realise until a few years ago was that the compelling cover drawn by Carmine Infantino was supposedly a homage to an “Our Fighting Forces” cover from a couple of years earlier. I can’t really see it myself…

Our Fighting Forces 48