Another Guy Fawkes mask

Nov 1, 2015

Whoopee and Wow 499

Last year I mentioned a couple of Guy Fawkes masks given away free in various UK comics in the 1960s and 1970s. To “celebrate” reaching issue No 500 in November 1983 “Whoopee and Wow” gave away another “free” Guy Fawkes mask. Actually, calling it a “free gift” was rather stretching your incredulity as there was no cute cardboard face pushed loosely within the pages. They just printed a larger-than-life odd image across the centre pages of the comic. The reader then had to do all the hard work. As well as defacing their comic by removing the page and spoiling the two strips on the other side the reader was expected to cut out the face, and stick it to a piece of cardboard etc etc.

Whoopee and Wow 500

Whoopee Guy Fawkes