Dec 1, 2015

Shortly this blog will reach the (to me) mind-boggling number of 400,000 views. Over the last eight years I’ve produced 600 posts containing 2000 images just by using the limited technology at my disposal. As with most blogs (and “Social Media” in general) it’s really been no more than a pathetic attempt to jump up and down and say “Here I am. Look at this!”. Still, I amused myself for a while and I’ve appreciated all the viewers who have landed here (by design or by accident) since January 2008.

Peak district

here is another view

4 Responses to “400,000 views”

  1. Paul Golder Says:

    Keep it going, I love reading it!

  2. Dave Roberts Says:

    Me too. I have enjoyed the ride so far!

  3. Fascinating stuff! I worked for Thorpe and Porter(aka General Book Distribution) in the mid 1970s, from a depot in Manchester, and travelled all over the UK for them, visiting the Oadby ,Leicester ‘factory’ many times(It was next door to Walkers Crisps !!). Used to stay at a great pub/hotel on the dual cariageway(Ashby Road?)with a fantastic disco !)

  4. Apart from this article


    I’m still bemused as to exactly how my Superman comics in the 1960s got from the USA to my local newsagents month-in, month-out. Did reps take exact orders for later delivery by van, or were magazines sold out of the back of estate cars in a random job-lot fashion. How large a company was Thorpe and Porter? Did they operate nationwide? I’d love to know more.

    And especially, who on earth was/were the person/persons endlessly ink stamping 9d and 10d on random places on the comic covers.

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