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Jan 1, 2016


Touch my soul

Jan 1, 2016

There are thousands of great songs by hundreds of great artistes that for whatever reason stay in their little niches when they really ought to be in the mainstream, hummed and whistled by the masses. I listen to Mary Gauthier or Irma Thomas and wonder why on earth people can be satisfied with musak by ex-X Factor acts. Recently listening to this classic virtually-forgotten tune I recall that it remained a firm favourite on my mix-tape cassettes throughout the 1970s although no-one else seemed to appreciate it.

Michael Fennelly was another American who left his band to go solo armed with a heap of great tunes and came to the UK to record them in 1973. Iggy and Lou also recorded albums here in the early 1970s that despite not making massive waves at the time would slowly gather momentum over the years. Michael’s “Lane Changer” was recorded in the UK (at CBS) and released around the time of “Raw Power” and “Transformer” but despite some fantastic tracks, such as “Touch my soul” (which was released as a single on Epic in 1974) the LP slipped under most people’s radar and has only been quite recently belatedly released on CD.

If even only a few more people now finally get to hear (and hopefully enjoy) this classic tune then this Blog’s existence will have been justified. 

Nuff Said 54

Jan 1, 2016




May un mar lady by Dave Follows

More Giant Holidays

Jan 1, 2016

The Giant Holiday Fun Comic Album

A while ago (jeez, it seems it was actually back in August 2010) I mentioned Mike Higg’s giant 288 page compilations the “Giant Holiday Fantasy Comic Album” and the “Giant Holiday Adventure Comic Album”. There were actually two more books in the series published in 1989 and ideal for taking with you on holidays giant or otherwise. It’s only taken me five years to remember that I’d quite like to read the “Fun” album which contains, amongst other delights, many pages of the absolutely bonkers “Queen of the Seas” along with Mike’s legendary “The Cloak”. The stories in the girls album have dated less well. Both are let down by cheap paper and poor printing. However as they only cost me one penny each (plus £2.80 times two postage) I can’t really complain. In fact, when I looked yesterday there was another “Fun” album still available for a pee. I think you should buy it now!

Queen of the Seas

The Cloak

The All-Girls issue has slightly clearer printing as it appears to consist mostly of stories enlarged from pocket books of the late 1950s and 1960s.

The Giant All-Girl Comic album