Laya Raki

May 1, 2016


Do you remember those soft-porn “glamour” magazines of the 1950s and 1960s? There were loads but the only ones I can recall at the moment are Parade, Picture Goer and possibly Tit-bits? They weren’t top-shelf pornographic, but always had covers (and interiors) showing minor film star bikini babes. Laya was gorgeous enough to feature regularly.

laya raki

It seems that Laya’s real name was Brunhilde Marie Alma Herta Jörns and she was born in Germany. Her exotic looks ensured a career of thousands of semi-clothed pin-up pictures as well as a few films and TV series (The UK’s “Crane” from 1963-1965 being the most noteable). It is possible that she was photographed even more often than the legendary pin-up Bettie Page.

This little booklet features Laya.