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May 1, 2016

It was said five years ago that books would be obsolete in five years. I always thought that would be somewhat premature. Books are still being produced, although in smaller numbers than they used to be. In very small numbers regarding the two books I feature here!!

Weekly Music Charts

As the chart book says “Printed and Published by Amazon” I presume copies are only assembled as and when someone actually orders a copy. This book fails to address the main question I wanted answering. How and by whom were the Radio Caroline and Radio London charts compiled? Did they refer to charts published by the BBC/Musical Express/Melody Maker or just ask the DJs for this weeks favourite tune?? Or were records included in the charts by more sinister means? Perhaps money changed hands for the promotion of certain singles? It had happened in the States in the 1950s and it has been said that one of the main reasons Ronan started Radio Caroline was to give greater exposure to his roster of clients.

Radio Caroline Chart 8th April 1967


Radio London Chart 9th April 1967

I’m bemused by the vast differences between the Caroline and London charts through the mid 1960s. For example in April 1967 there are only a handful of songs (seven!!!) that feature in the top 30 of both charts. If you listened only to Radio London you would be exposed to dozens of songs that never graced the Light Programme or Radio Caroline.

Holding the fort

In this book “Prince” Michael gives a fascinating insight into the behind-the-scenes machinations that led to his whole family squatting on an ex-Navy fort three miles out to sea for decades. Perhaps if he hadn’t been a mere 14 at the time, with the Government fearful of potential negative publicity, they may have been removed by military force in 1968 and the Principality of Sealand may never have been created.

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  1. paulrusling Says:

    The top one was hastilly withdrawn as it was mainly someone else’s copyright – the on ly tetxt apart from listings was six or 7 pages written by Mary Payne of Wonderful Radio london Ltd.

    The book below, “Holding the Fort”, is excellent and very much recommended. It is available as a Kindle or as a hard back. Real true life, rip-roaring and gung-ho tale, written by the main himself, who was there for the entire adventuire from being 14 onwards (snd indeed, still is there!). Michael is the one who was kidnapped and held for some time on the fort and had to be rescued by helicopter and his father brandishing a revolver. You can order the book from Amazon.

  2. Hi Paul. I’ve just found your comment in the spam. Hope you are well. Enjoyed your book on Laser 558 see here
    and your broadcasting.

  3. And I’m STILL puzzled about the differences between the Radio Caroline and Radio London charts ?!?

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