Unusual comics

May 1, 2016


Although all Charlton comics are unusual, if not downright bonkers, some are more unusual than others. “Unusual Tales” appeared bi-monthly for a decade or so, finishing with issue No 49 in March/April 1965. All well and good. Two months later the comic continued with issue No 50, but now it was titled “Blue Beetle”. After five issues as “Blue Beetle” to March 1966 it then became “Ghostly Tales” in May 1966 which ran from issue No 55 to issue No 169 in October 1984. Charlton would finish publishing comics altogether within the next twelve months.




There is some sort of logic about all of the above. Yet somehow, someone at Charlton Comics decided to issue another comic that continued on from “Unusual Tales” 49. And No 50 in 1966 is part of Volume Two when Volume Three had already appeared a year earlier ?!? But as issue No 50 of “Shadows from Beyond” published in October 1966 ended up being a one-off anyway rather than the promised quarterly publication I guess it’s not important in the great scheme of things. Just another unusual comic that’s received a mention in this Blog.

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