Twenty nine

Sep 1, 2016

Unfortunately I’ve been to an increasing number of funerals over the last year or so. Friends. Relatives. Neighbours. The services have all varied immensely. Some were standing-room-only church services with hymns and speeches by family members. Most were brief crematorium-only affairs. One was a five-minutes-at-the-graveside with only a handful of people standing there including the two guys waiting just to lower the coffin down.

The crematorium services all had one thing in common. Pop songs were played rather than hymns. And more often than not, the pop songs were obviously chosen by younger relatives. I’m pretty sure the deceased wouldn’t ever have heard Paul Carrack singing Eyes of Blue (“You know life is too short for compromising. Take a hold of your dream and realize it”).

But it got me thinking. What song/songs would I want playing at my funeral? Black angel’s death song by the VU? The 15 minute version of “Wish Someone would care” by Irma Thomas?, anything by the Dead Kennedys?, “Johnny Reggae”, “Return to sender”, “My Way” (the Sex Pistols version natch)??  

PS: I wrote the above a few weeks ago and it’s only today that I’m clicking “Publish”. This week the Co-operative Funeral Services (no doubt in search of some free publicity) issued a press release listing the Top 10 funeral pop songs. This was quickly picked up on by the newspapers (as it is still “silly season”). So now it looks like I’m copying from the papers when I’m not!

PPS: Of course I realise which song I’d like played. Its got to be “You’re History” (like a beat up car, like an old film star, like the dead sea scrolls etc etc) by Siobhan and Marcella. And perhaps that wonderful piano instrumental version of “Mad World” currently gracing a TV advert.

You're History

PPPS: Gosh I nearly forgot what this post was supposed to be about. For my 29th music medley is here if anyone’s interested. Numbers 1 – 15 have been deleted but the rest are still round and about here somewhere. Even Number 16 which has the distinction of having only been clicked on once in four years (and that was probably me) !?!