Herbert Khaury

Nov 1, 2016


The legend that was Mr Khaury was born in 1932 and after many years in obscurity finally achieved overnight success with a “novelty” single in 1968 at (what was then seen as) the ancient age of 36. Over six foot tall, with an ironic Dickens-inspired stage name he was left-handed yet strummed a right-handed stringed ukulele and sang sometimes in falsetto, sometimes in baritone. It’s odd to think how strange people found his novelty hit in 1968 as it was a cover version of a song released (back in the dawn of time) 39 years earlier in 1929! No one would think twice today if I released a cover version of any song from 1977…..a similar 39 years ago. Herbert continued to perform and record until his untimely death at the age of 64 twenty years ago. Here is my tribute to this legendary performer.

More Monitors

Nov 1, 2016


Roland C. Pearson, better known in Free Radio circles as “Buster” (1928-1985) was the man responsible (with help from others) for the fascinating publication known as “Monitor”. Begun in 1972 as coloured foolscap sheets, by the early 1980s it had progressed into an A5 booklet format. Always crammed with information about Offshore Radio these news-sheets have become even more interesting as time has gone on. There were 37 issues produced. (Update: I’m informed there were actually 38  or even 39 issues. Looks like they didn’t bother sending me the last ones!). Join me in my Time Machine as we revisit the first three issues published in those interesting times of 1972 and early 1973.

Monitor 01 issued Spring 1972

Monitor 02 issued Summer 1972

Monitor 03 issued early 1973

 PS: Monitor 01 was typewritten onto white foolscap paper. Monitor 02 was typewritten on dark blue foolscap paper. Monitor 03 was typewritten on multi-coloured foolscap paper for the full psychedelic experience. Do you remember typewriters? If you didn’t clean the keys regularly some letters got a bit clogged up with ink. My antique machine would make neat little holes whenever I used the full-stop key. Foolscap paper is longer and thinner than A4 which made copying these newsletters a pain. I apologise if some pages are difficult to read. Fuzzy typewritten text on blue paper doesn’t make for the greatest readability. I guess I could have spent a week or two tweaking things to improve them, but hey I’ve got a life, so they are what they are.


I don’t know why it says “Published monthly” in the small print of issues of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. It’s taken almost two years for them to publish six issues. Number 1 was cover dated December 2014. Then we had 2 June 2015, 3 July 2015, 4 September 2015 with another massive gap before number 5 dated July 2016 and number 6 September 2016. I used to like my comics weekly! There’s no wonder more people these days pass on the floppy comics and wait until a trade paperback book collecting six issues is available.


Record Shop

Nov 1, 2016

Today’s favourite tune.


The above means “What is the world coming to?” according to Bing’s Klingon to English translator. Yes, as well as the usual French, German, Indonesian etc etc Bing’s Translator includes Klingon, but not Cardassian or Romulan !?!

Noblesse oblige

Nov 1, 2016

“Whoever claims to be noble must conduct himself nobly”. Doesn’t seem to apply to this comic though. The main character isn’t particularly noble and just happens to be called Mr Oblige. Dunno where I acquired this comic from 20 years ago. I’m beginning to wonder if it is the rarest (series of) UK comic(s) ever published. There are no cover images at the Grand Comic Database. There is only one other cover image and no info across the whole of the Interweb.


“Noblesse Oblige” was written and drawn by in black and white in the most minimalist of styles. There were five issues produced (as there was an issue zero) around 1995/1996 by the RAE Comic Company. RAE comics don’t seem to have produced anything more. Unless you know otherwise?

Fourteen revisited

Nov 1, 2016


I bet my money on the bob-tailed nag. Somebody bet on the Bay. Click on the image below to hear here where my mind was at five years ago.