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Nov 1, 2016


Roland C. Pearson, better known in Free Radio circles as “Buster” (1928-1985) was the man responsible (with help from others) for the fascinating publication known as “Monitor”. Begun in 1972 as coloured foolscap sheets, by the early 1980s it had progressed into an A5 booklet format. Always crammed with information about Offshore Radio these news-sheets have become even more interesting as time has gone on. There were 37 issues produced. (Update: I’m informed there were actually 38  or even 39 issues. Looks like they didn’t bother sending me the last ones!). Join me in my Time Machine as we revisit the first three issues published in those interesting times of 1972 and early 1973.

Monitor 01 issued Spring 1972

Monitor 02 issued Summer 1972

Monitor 03 issued early 1973

 PS: Monitor 01 was typewritten onto white foolscap paper. Monitor 02 was typewritten on dark blue foolscap paper. Monitor 03 was typewritten on multi-coloured foolscap paper for the full psychedelic experience. Do you remember typewriters? If you didn’t clean the keys regularly some letters got a bit clogged up with ink. My antique machine would make neat little holes whenever I used the full-stop key. Foolscap paper is longer and thinner than A4 which made copying these newsletters a pain. I apologise if some pages are difficult to read. Fuzzy typewritten text on blue paper doesn’t make for the greatest readability. I guess I could have spent a week or two tweaking things to improve them, but hey I’ve got a life, so they are what they are.

4 Responses to “More Monitors”

  1. Matt Says:

    There were actually 38 issues of Monitor produced, 39 if you include an unnumbered extra issue from Autumn 1990. I have scanned these and they should appear on the Azanorak site soon.

    There was also a smaller Monitor Newscaster published between 1990 and 1992. These are already on Azanorak.

  2. The Azanorak site has most of the Monitors from 10 upwards (and recently numbers 2 and 3) helped by some rotter taking my pdfs over there without so much as a thankyou and passing them off as his own. Issues 1 – 9 used to be available elsewhere on the Interweb, but I can’t currently find that site. If you mean you have scanned numbers 4 – 9 then at least it will save me bothering 🙂

  3. Matt Says:

    No, I have been scanning the later issues. The old ones are here:

  4. Oh good they’re still online. Although it looks like someone went to the trouble to RETYPE them!

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