It’s snowing again

Dec 1, 2016

Dunno if we’ll get much snow again this year but It’ll be snowing for the next few weeks at Oddly, the snow stops on January 4th 2017 even though according to the long-range forecast, here in the UK we are far more likely to see real snow after that date.


Nuff Said 60

Dec 1, 2016



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The Rolling Stones

Dec 1, 2016

Perhaps you recall the popular musical combo known as “The Rolling Stones”. They had a couple of hit platters back in the day. Do you know how they came to acquire their name?

There are three theories about this. Some say they got their name after seeing an American music magazine called “Rolling Stone”. Others claim they took their name from the Robert Zimmerman tune “Like a rolling stone”. After many hours of research I have discovered the true answer.


Founder member Brian Jones had a younger brother who regularly purchased the comic “”Swift”. This was a companion comic to, and aimed at a slightly younger readership than, the “Eagle”. One day in 1962 Brian flicked through an old copy of this comic and noticed page eight. The rest, as they say, is history…as is the late Mr Jones.


12-5You can’t beat the oldies.