Penny Spencer

March 1, 2017

I’ve been watching some of the earlier episodes of the ITV/London Weekend “Please Sir” TV comedy from the late 1960s. These days I tend to look up actors on the Interweb mainly to see if they are still alive. Of course Deryck Guyler the Caretaker, Noel Howlett the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster/Headmistress Joan Sanderson are long gone. But so too are some of the “pupils”. Malcolm McFee, Liz Gebhardt and Peter Denyer all died too young. Penny Spencer, playing the cute Sharon Eversleigh was always a favourite of mine and I’m surprised she did so little TV/Film work and evidently drifted away from the industry when she was still young.


A few small roles in a handful of dubious films in the 1970s completes her filmography. She wasn’t even featured in the “Please Sir” spinoff film or the “Fen Street Gang” spinoff TV series. She left “Please Sir” after two seasons and was replaced by Carol Hawkins. Meant to be fourteen or fifteen most of the “pupils” were actually much older when the series began so I guess it was understandable that they were all replaced in later series.


From this image it looks like she had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it role in the Gerry Anderson TV show “UFO”.


One Response to “Penny Spencer”

  1. NextVoiceUHear Says:

    Definitely a fine piece of “White Privilege” in that white, tight suit! For sure an Uncommon F.. Object 🎃

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