The Sentry

Apr 1, 2017

Due to planet-wide amnesia everyone has forgotten that the Marvel Superhero age of comics began with The Sentry a few years before the far more famous Fantastic Four No 1 appeared. Startling Stories comics just don’t seem to be available or be featured in Overstreet. And when I have found a copy they have been remarkably cheap considering their rarity.


The Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns and an evil alter-ego yet has appeared in some of the most far-fetched stories since 1940s Captain Marvel/1950s Marvelman/early 1960s Superman Imaginary Stories.

How did Marvel comics manage to call this hero “The Sentry” when Innovation comics had a character of the same name years before?

How did Marvel comics manage to call their comics “Startling Stories” when there had been a pulp magazine of the same name for decades?