Good Times!

May 1, 2017

Almost a year ago I purchased “Good Times!”, a new CD by the three surviving Monkees. I’m ashamed to say that at the time I just threw the CD into the car and promptly forgot all about it. Fast-forward to Easter 2017 and during my annual car spring-clean I rediscovered it.

After the less-than-stellar reunion LPs/CDs “Justus” and “Pool It”, where they tried too hard to be contemporary, “Good Times!” sounds like a proper Monkees album and is certainly their best since “Headquarters” fifty (count’em) years ago. “You bring the summer”, written by Andy Partridge features all three Monkees (Davy Jones died five years ago but does feature here posthumously on one track) and could have been a hit in any decade. Michael Nesmith’s “I know what I know” and “Me & Magdalena are his best songs in years. Mickey’s “I was there (and I’m told I had a good time)” is catchy too. Even the liner notes are interesting, and there are some free stickers (!?!). Good value from Amazon at £4.99.