The rider

May 1, 2017

This stuff has been circulating the Interweb for years but as I still find it amusing here it comes again:-

Firstly, what exactly is a “rider”?? It is a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance in Theatre and Pop music concerts etc. Types of riders include a list of technical requests along with hospitality requests perhaps for specific foods and drinks to be supplied and transportation from hotel to gig and back etc. Technical riders can request particular instruments be provided, the type of PA system in the venue and even power requirements if the band are bringing lots of equipment that needs plugging in.

The original 18 page rider is right here.

Sometimes these “riders” may be unreasonable or excessive for a given performance. But riders were probably introduced after performers had experienced dressing rooms that were actually toilets, or there being only one power point available to plug in all their equipment. This hilarious 18 page rider was for an Iggy Pop and band tour. It may have been handed to the management of the venues they were due to perform in. Of course it could just as well be one giant spoof. Just to complicate things there are two versions of this rider. The original 18 page version from 2006 and an expanded (and perhaps not quite so funny) 28 page version on the Jos Grain website apparently used for the 2012 tour which featured James finally re-united with the original Stooges.

The 28 page rider can be seen on Jos Grain’s site here.