Thirty seven

Feb 1, 2019

I visited a few Monkees sites/forums yesterday (and yes, I did have better things I should have been doing….) and was puzzled by the debates and varied interpretations of Davy’s words at the beginning of “Daydream Believer”. I think my version is better than some peoples who think Davy said: “Ok, don’t mean to tell me excited man, cause I’m sure I know”.

Chip: 7A
Davy: What number is this Chip?
Chip and the other 3 Monkees: 7A!!!
Davy: Ok, know what I mean. Don’t get excited man, It’s cus I’m short, I know.

And some of my older audio files are still lurking around. I thought I’d deleted this one years ago but I was happy to see that it’s currently available right here.

Sam Sacks

Feb 1, 2019

I’m lost for words as Sam murders Diana. More here if you can cope with it.

The Space Spinner

Feb 1, 2019

This appears on the back cover of the 1955 Young Marvelman Annual. Dunno what the kid’s parents would think of a newly purchased (4 Shillings!!) book being attacked with a pair of scissors though. And I’m puzzled by the vague instructions (as there’s no further info inside the book). So I can’t work out how you play the game at all.

How many?

Feb 1, 2019

Self-help books annoy me. Why should anyone be taken in and believe that someone else knows better how you should live your own life? “the life-changing magic of tidying up” was published a few years ago by Marie Kondo. This bonkers “organising consultant” has now been given a TV show. Her latest advice, along with obsessive clothes-folding, is that for a stress-free and clutter-free life you shouldn’t own more than 30 books. This minimalist militant says “Let’s face it, you are going to read very few of your books again”. Once you have read your newspapers/magazines they should be immediately thrown in the trash so as not to upset the neatness of your coffee table. Clothes you haven’t worn for a few months should be sent to the charity shop. So in the summer do you throw away your overcoat, gloves and scarf because you haven’t used them recently? Saying that you should only keep things that bring you joy isn’t really very practical is it? Do I chuck out the Washing Machine,Lawnmower…cutlery? As for just keeping 3o books….that’s impossible. I need 30 bookcases so I can empty my 150 boxes full of books/magazines and then I’d be able to see/display what I own. 

How few?

Feb 1, 2019

There was a time when I subscribed to a dozen magazines a month. Back Issue, Alter Ego, Old Bike Mart, Radio User, Mojo, you name it. Slowly I’ve let the subscriptions expire and resisted renewing. The final subscription I still maintained was for a Titan DC reprint bimonthly. Today I received this email:

Dear Sir,
We regret to inform you that Titan Magazines Ltd is ceasing to publish all of the DC Comic ranges. Issue Vol3 No12 is the last issue of DC Universe Presents: Justice League.
Both Titan Magazines Ltd and DC thank you for your support and love for the DC characters and universe.

So (unless someone takes on the franchise) for the first time in my life there are no british reprints of DC comics available. I can’t say I’m surprised. The eight (mostly Batman) titles were becoming increasingly difficult to locate. Tesco stopped them years ago. Recently they (and the Marvel reprints) were even missing from W.H Sm*ths. Magazines across the board are failing. I thought I’d look around the Interweb to see how many comics were still being purchased in the States. It made depressing reading. Comic Book sales to comic shops for the month of November 2018 according to Diamond Distributors were as follows.

1Uncanny X-Men 01              176,125
2 Green Lantern 01                113,651
4 Amazing Spider-Man 10  103,636
5 Batman 58                               94,930
9 Avengers 10                              77,715
11 Justice League 11                 74,204
12 Fantastic Four 03               72,597
20 Superman 05                        54,727
68 Harley Quinn 53                 27,903
497 Elvira Mistress of Dark 02 397

I’m amazed that the X-Men are still top (although the fact that we’re back to another No 1 may have helped). Batman sells almost twice as many as Superman. The former fan favourite Harley Quinn must be close to being cancelled. My personal favourite, Elvira, only just scraped into the top 500 comics with a mere 397 issues sold. There’s a future collectors item. It’s surprising there is still a choice of over 500 different titles each month. I’m sure many if not most only continue due to the film franchises (or the vain hope that a low selling title is picked up by a film/TV company and becomes the next big thing). . PS: To put things in perspective. In the 1950s the Beano here sold approaching 2 million copies PER WEEK. Even in the 1960s/1970s comics in the UK sold around 200,000 issues per title PER WEEK. There was a massive decline of titles/circulation in the 1980s but issues sold still exceeded the figures in the USA now (and the population of the UK is a fifth of the size of the USA).

More Laya Raki

Feb 1, 2019

I was sad to learn that the gorgeous Laya Raki passed away December 2018.

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Laya with a Hudson Italia in 1954.

Ten years later she displayed her 38-23-36 curves on top of an Aston Martin.

Caroline’s radio

Feb 1, 2019

This catchy tune never made the charts. It doesn’t seem to have received the number of UToob visitors it deserves. Some crap videos receive literally millions of “hits”. What is wrong with people?