How many?

Feb 1, 2019

Self-help books annoy me. Why should anyone be taken in and believe that someone else knows better how you should live your own life? “the life-changing magic of tidying up” was published a few years ago by Marie Kondo. This bonkers “organising consultant” has now been given a TV show. Her latest advice, along with obsessive clothes-folding, is that for a stress-free and clutter-free life you shouldn’t own more than 30 books. This minimalist militant says “Let’s face it, you are going to read very few of your books again”. Once you have read your newspapers/magazines they should be immediately thrown in the trash so as not to upset the neatness of your coffee table. Clothes you haven’t worn for a few months should be sent to the charity shop. So in the summer do you throw away your overcoat, gloves and scarf because you haven’t used them recently? Saying that you should only keep things that bring you joy isn’t really very practical is it? Do I chuck out the Washing Machine,Lawnmower…cutlery? As for just keeping 3o books….that’s impossible. I need 30 bookcases so I can empty my 150 boxes full of books/magazines and then I’d be able to see/display what I own.