Thirty seven

Feb 1, 2019

I visited a few Monkees sites/forums yesterday (and yes, I did have better things I should have been doing….) and was puzzled by the debates and varied interpretations of Davy’s words at the beginning of “Daydream Believer”. I think my version is better than some peoples who think Davy said: “Ok, don’t mean to tell me excited man, cause I’m sure I know”.

Chip: 7A
Davy: What number is this Chip?
Chip and the other 3 Monkees: 7A!!!
Davy: Ok, know what I mean. Don’t get excited man, It’s cus I’m short, I know.

And some of my older audio files are still lurking around. I thought I’d deleted this one years ago but I was happy to see that it’s currently available right here.