Young’s Merchandising

Sep 1, 2019

The Grand Comic Database claims that the Australian company Young’s Merchandising published 567 different black and white comics across 47 different titles mostly through the 1950s. Similar in appearance to the more famous K G Murray comics the most popular appear to have been Blackhawk and Bugs Bunny reprints but they also issued a number of shorter run homegrown titles. Many comics that were reprints have redrawn covers. And like K G Murray comics the prices increased from 6d to 8d in the early 1950s.

The GCD goes on to say:

The earliest comics from Young’s Merchandising Company were published around 1947, including Australian original material and reprints of US comics. Young’s is also known for its Larry Kent crime novels (commenced in 1954), based on the Sydney radio series created by Ron Ingleby. The company folded soon after the death of its founder, Charles Young, in 1963. Little is known about the company, which appears to have been involved in a range of non-publishing endeavours.

This Giant Comic Annual contains 6 rebound comics. Not a great bargain at 3/6 when five of the six comics within display an original retail price of 6d each. One comic shows 8d. I make that add up to 3s 2d. I’m making assumptions but perhaps the contents within the covers may have varied from book to book as seen in Thorpe and Porters “Double Double” books produced in the 1960s in the UK.

PS: For the record this particular book contains the following comics, in that order, in case someone somewhere owns another copy that they could compare.







PPS: Silver Starr and Yarmak are drawn by the very accomplished artist Stanley Pitt 1925 – 2002 (usually in the style of Alex Raymond). Again according to the GCD he drew one…just one… lone story for DC comics that appeared in Witching Hour 14 in 1971. Of course I couldn’t resist tracking down a copy of that particular comic!!