Look up

Nov 1, 2019

Ten years ago I puzzled about what was going on above our heads. The biggest puzzle was why everyone else seemed oblivious to all this obviously not normal weird stuff happening in broad daylight. If I mentioned it people looked at me as if I was the one with the problem. I don’t recall such sights forty, thirty, even twenty years ago. But throughout the C21st it continues day in day out. We must be breathing this in as well as all the poisonous diesel fumes from cars (that until a few years ago were actually encouraged by pig-ignorant politicians) not to mention those minute deadly particles shed from car tyres and brakes that no-one gave a thought about until quite recently. We’re all doomed.

Wants list

Nov 1, 2019

I’ve got all the comics I need but there are a couple of hard-to-get  back issues of “Super Team Family” that I’d really like to track down and read.


The Diamonds

Nov 1, 2019

The original four members of this Canadian vocal group were:

Dave Somerville, Ted Kowalski, Phil Levitt and Bill Reed.

They recorded other stuff but it will always be “Little Darlin” that they’re remembered for. It was a cover version. It was the best version though.

Since then there have been a bewildering amount of members, presumably only ever four people in the group at a time:
Gary Owens
Adam David Marino
Michael Lawrence
Jeff Dolan
Bill New
Bob Duncan
Glenn Stetson
Mike Douglas
John Felten
Jim Malone
Sean Sooter
Jerry Siggins
Evan Fisher
Steve Smith
Gary Cech
Harry Harding
Danny Rankin
Joe Derise
Jerry Honeycutt
John Wagner
Ron Neuman
Don Wade
Jim Blaine
Mike Dorsey

Over 50 years later they were still singing “Little Darlin”.