UFO caught on tape

Mar 1, 2020

As I was buying them off the spinner racks at the time I well remember the period of 1978 – 1981 when many (but not all) DC comics sold here in the UK sported 12p/15p prices properly printed on the covers rather than the more usual Thorpe and Porter ink stamps.

What I’d forgotten about until reminded by the Marwood/Steve posts was the aborted experiment to do the very same thing back in 1971. I love a good mystery and would like to know why just 5 DC titles in 1971 were printed in the States for distribution here in the UK with 5p/7½p prices placed in random places around the covers. In fact at first glance the UK prices in white boxes look like stickers..but aren’t. Only the price on the Jimmy Olsen comic looks “real”. As no one appears to have discovered any others it seems that only those 5 comics out of the two or three dozen DC would have published that month had UK prices. How strange! No further DCs would have UK prices printed on the covers at the point of manufacture for the next 7 years. After digging through my shelves/boxes I eventually found my copies of these books originally purchased by a younger me.

I note that they even went to the trouble of removing the (two) 25c price(s) from the spine of the UK Flash price variant.

An even bigger mystery is what proportion of distributed comics had UK prices printed on the covers as there also exist standard comics that reached the UK bearing the more usual T&P stamp in circulation.

Marty died too young at the age of 48. When was this sketch first shown? 1968 or 1969? It seems a completely different country to the one we currently inhabit……….