Forty three

Apr 1, 2020

At this time of year for the last umpty thrumpty years I’ve posted an “April fool”. Somehow, in the light of current events it doesn’t seem appropriate. But on second thoughts to lighten the mood here are some of the previous ones.

In case this turns out to be my last ever visit to I may as well post this audio I’ve recently enjoyed compiling/listening to while I still can. I was going to save it for Xmas but what the hey. (Don’t forget that perhaps as much as 24 hours (a whole days worth) of even better audio is scattered around in random places on this site if you look hard enough).

Forty third

3 Responses to “Forty three”

  1. Niblet Says:

    I will be most annoyed if this is your last ever visit to your blog. Stay healthy.

  2. I will be most annoyed if this turns out to be the end of the world. I would have preferred a Martian invasion. Trapped indoors I’ve been emailing/texting friends and relatives. The opener is always “I hope you’re well”. That used to be a fatuous opener everyone used. Now it has become a heart-felt plea.
    Least we now have more time to read old comics.
    You stay healthy too.

  3. anyone won the anglo ace bubble watch like i did in the 1960s send me a message ron the watchmaker.

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