May 1, 2020

Surely Tesco mean the exact opposite of what they’ve written front and centre on their website? When this is all over (will it ever be?) they’ll realise that 2m was far too close. And cough droplets can hang in the air for up to 30 minutes waiting for the next passing sucker to breathe them in.

Tesco and all the others are really missing a trick during this unfolding pandemic. They ought to be quadrupling the number of delivery slots/delivery drivers to cope with the surge in demand. Currently there’s a looong waiting list and you have to be lucky to bag a slot for 3 weeks time. If I’m struggling then it would be impossible for my mother’s generation. (She says “It’s worse than the war”. I say “Pity you didn’t keep your gas mask”.)

In fact my mother was down memory lane again today about the good old days of the 1960s. Then no one ever needed to leave their home/their street to get all the provisions required to survive. Vans came up the street all the time and the housewives went out to them for either odd things or orders they had previously placed.
The Bread man
The CO-OP Butcher
The Fish man straight from Grimsby
A van selling Hardware, Vinegar, Calor Gas you name it
The Fruit and Veg man with other provisions. I reminded her of the other important stuff his van contained like Sherbet fountains, Flying saucers, packs of sweet cigarettes containing collectors cards and Bazooka Joe bubblegum with those odd mini strip cartoons.
A Knife grinder came round periodically for goodness sake
An Ice cream van every evening from Easter to September
The Newsagent not only delivered our morning and Evening papers and my comics. They delivered my father’s miniature cigars so he could go straight in to work without wasting any time.
The grocery shop delivered provisions to my mother every friday. Meat, toilet rolls, Washing powder etc so she didn’t need to lug heavy/awkward things home on the bus.
Of course there was the little shop at the bottom of the street where I would regularly be despatched for stuff like bags of frozen peas to be used 5 minutes later to make a meal. They even sold stamps so I could send off entries to competitions in my comics.

PS: Luckily I’m old school enough to still have milk delivered. Milk and More bring potatoes, bananas, cornflakes and bread so even without Tesco I could survive after a fashion on banana sandwiches or cornflakes three times a day!

PPS: I’m staying in as the carer for my 91 year old mother but crowds of people continue to pass the house potentially spreading germs. Joggers, cyclists, gangs of teenagers, families of four with babies in pushchairs and dogs… always with dogs… up and down multiple times a day. They think that it doesn’t apply to them. I was amused when visiting some other forum where someone said about all those defying the lockdown:

“I’d have them sign a disclaimer from using all NHS facilities should they fall victim to Covid 19. This would be called the Totally  Withhold  All  Treatment policy and they would have to wear a badge with those initials on it, or have it tattooed on their foreheads so Doctors, Nurses and Medical staff don’t waste their precious time treating them”.

Forty five

May 1, 2020

Over the last six weeks this country and indeed the whole planet has changed to such a level that it will never go back to “normal” in my lifetime. Handshakes and foreign cruises will be remembered as things our parents used to do. Traffic pollution levels have already reduced dramatically. I’ve never gone so long without using the car. Hardly any planes in the sky for weeks. The sky has been blue ever since. Any connection I wonder? During lockdown I planned to get loads of jobs done around the house. All I achieved today was another musicfile.
Take care.

The Power of Three

May 1, 2020

Do you remember this short-lived UK comic from the late 1970s with the odd title “The Power of Three”? Probably not as there was only this first issue ever available.

Actually very few of the first issues were sold to the public. The newsagents kept most back for themselves due to the remarkably generous free gifts of beer and cigarettes sellotaped to the fronts. With the help of my local newsagent I did acquire four copies of that elusive issue and consequently can share a few interior pages right here. 

The publishers went bust in the process of acquiring the even more generous free gifts for the second issue… brand new Honda CG125 motorbikes!!


May 1, 2020

No longer found on its own domain but a fair amount of Ray’s previous archive of radio station recordings is available to download here:

Ronan O’Rahilly

May 1, 2020

21.05.1940 – 20.04.2020

The Nineteen Seventies

The Nineteen Eighties

Nuff Said 71

May 1, 2020


May 1, 2020

Has any other magazine reached 10,000 issues or 192 years of continuous publication?


Forty Four

May 1, 2020

Dunno where the German theme to this musicfile came from but it works for me.

Stay safe?

May 1, 2020

Jelly Tits

May 1, 2020