More How much?

Aug 1, 2020

So whilst I’m browsing the Grand Comic Database to check out Alan Class Comics covers I noticed an odd thing. At some point in 1974/1975 as inflation inflated prices increased from 6p to 8p overnight. It must have happened quickly as some issues numbers are available at both prices. The 8p issues have the 6p crossed out in a very unprofessional way. Fair enough. But then the following month(s) some titles reverted to 6p. Had Alan forgotten he’d changed the prices or were comics with higher issue numbers printed before lower ones? Or were all issues available for a period of a few months at both prices? Anything is possible. The back covers say “published monthly” but I read somewhere that Alan actually published his main 6 titles 10 times per year. There are even a few issues where he forgot to number the comics altogether.

So prices went up from 6p to 8p and would continue to rise throughout the 1970s and 1980s. There are various Alan Class Comics in the Grand Comic Database showing 6p or 8p prices. Why then does my copy of Creepy Worlds 140 clearly show a 7p price??? I’ve perused the GCD once more but can’t see any other issues of his comics, whatever the title,  bearing that particular price point. How odd!