Sep 1, 2020

During lockdown I encouraged my mother to sort out some old paperwork. Insurance certificates for cars long gone and statements from Building Societies that no longer exist were disposed of. Some odd treasures were discovered. Not valuables, but old letters and a few of my school books. I hadn’t seen this particular one since I was 8 years old.

It seems that in 1964 the class were required to create a diary with regular updates of what you’d been up to. I’m surprised how busy I and the family were. Some stuff I now have no recollection of, but some things came starkly back to life. Such as buying the first issue of Wham! I think it was at that point that my comic collecting began. Previously my comics had been swapped with friends or handed down to relatives. I kept Wham! 1 and pretty much every comic I bought afterwards until the great cull of 1978.


First issue

I wonder if the (then) teenager who purchased my collection still has them? He expected a couple of hundred old Marvel comics for twenty quid. I turned up with an Estate car crammed with many 1000s more Marvels, DCs, Eagles, TV21s, Power comics (all with their free gifts), mountains of digests etc etc which I gave him FOC. Various events had turned my life upside down in the previous months and I was heading for a new job in a new town. I thought (wrongly as it turned out) that I had done with comics forever.

Even the disclaimer about not shooting at faces wouldn’t make this acceptable today.