Happy New Tier

Jan 1, 2021

It boggles the mind that someone would spend the time collecting (almost) all of the 1472 issues produced by Alan Class but here they are. It’s far more convenient (and far more complete) than the clicking and scrolling required to reach all the images in the Grand Comic Database site.

He does however clear up the mystery of the two different issues of Suspense No 90. One issue just had a typo on the cover. It really should have been No 96.

You can find the “book” right here.

Blob Opera

Jan 1, 2021

Funnily enough although it comes from Google it won’t load for me in Chrome but works in Edge. Click on the link below to load it in your browser.


below is my attempt


below is the blob version of silent night


Hit the road

Jan 1, 2021

This is currently my favourite tune. And fourteen million others it seems?


Jan 1, 2021


Jan 1, 2021

1/ Back in November the newspaper mentioned that there was an interesting story in the 1987 Bunty Annual. A science fiction story set in the far flung future of 2020 when a deadly virus circulated the planet. Humans could only survive by living in “bubbles”. These were giant bubbles that enclosed whole cities. To leave would be instant death.

So I had a look on ebay. There were loads of 1987 Bunty Annuals for sale. Most cost approx £5. Being a cheapskate I bought one at a Buy-it-now price of £2 plus postage. I thought no more about it until a week later I noted an ebay refund on my bank statement. The seller hadn’t honoured the order and instead was re-advertising the book at £66. You what? To add insult to injury ebay emailed me a few times asking if I still wanted a Bunty Annual with a link to that inflated price. I absolutely hate things like that. If I had accidentally advertised Amazing Fantasy 15 for £1 instead of £10,000 I would honour my original price.

A similar thing happened to me on ebay last year. Someone was offering a bunch of early 1960s Flash comics for very reasonable prices. I snapped them up only for the seller to change their mind. Perhaps they’d now seen the same issues selling for much more elsewhere. I received a refund and the comics duly re-appeared at much higher prices.

2/ Three or four years ago I had my “Top 15” played on Radio Caroline. I didn’t actually listen to the hour long show. I had more important things to do that day, collecting my new car from the dealer. I did actually record the show so who knows I may listen to it one day.

Anyway I hadn’t listened to Radio Caroline since but back in November I was at such a loose end I revisited their website. It seems “Top 15s” were still broadcast daily at 9am. You could see the list of tracks that people had chosen for the next 7 days. Without exception the lists were unbelievably uninspiring. Genesis. ELO. Queen. (place your crap mainstream 1980s band here). I thought I could do better. But first I had to submit 6 of my chosen tunes for moderation. Three were rejected. Three were accepted. If I had placed a bet I would have said the three accepted would have been turned down and the three that were rejected would have been welcomed with open arms as they were (excellent) cover versions of popular songs Radio Caroline often play. So I don’t know by what criteria a tune is deemed unsuitable. Anyway my “Top 15” has been submitted. If by some fluke they decide to broadcast it, expect it in 12 months time, such is the long list of contenders.

3/ In late December 2020 the now-newsworthy 1987 Bunty Annuals were being advertised at prices varying between £25 and £250. Last week there was just one at a Buy-it-now price of £9.99 including postage which I immediately snapped up. Let’s see if the seller of that book plays fair or not.

The Lost World

Jan 1, 2021

It is 2020. In previous decades a spaceship returned carrying a deadly virus. Life could only continue within sealed domes.

Jane and Jean are told stories of life pre-virus when flowers bloomed and turkey dinners were all the rage rather than”food pills”.

One of the girls decides to escape. Her friend follows her.

The force field around their dome doesn’t extend underground so the girls soon dig their way to the outside world despite expecting instant death?!?

It seems two days has passed and the mother still hasn’t reported them missing/sent out a search party.

But all is well. The virus has gone! They are still alive! But perhaps like Covid-19 it takes a week or two to develop serious complications? We’ll never know.

You’d think the authorities would have been constantly testing the outside air but they are obviously as clueless as our lot. The two girls are heroes and life can return to “normal” (even if a pre-industrial lifestyle now beckons).Perhaps when our crisis is over our lives will be changed too. All countries will be bankrupt. Annual returns of the virus every winter will mean regular inoculations and foreign travel will be virtually banned. In a decade, although electric cars are compulsory the price of charging them might be so prohibitive that we’ll be living in a virtual world communicating only by Zoom and living in our own “bubbles” for ever.

My hat 2!

Jan 1, 2021

And isn’t that a speling mistak?? I’m sure it should be “curiosities”!!!

The Last Man

Jan 1, 2021

Mary Shelley is known for one single novel that has become iconic and featured in films and comics and was considered perhaps the first fantasy/science fiction novel. But she published other novels before and after the famous one. Actually although “The last man” first appeared in 1826 it wasn’t easily available until the 1960s.

Another science fiction novel set in the future C21st it resonates today. The subject was a virus spreading across Europe and wiping out (almost) all humanity. Yikes. Hope that never happens. You can read the book for free right here: