Jan 1, 2021

1/ Back in November the newspaper mentioned that there was an interesting story in the 1987 Bunty Annual. A science fiction story set in the far flung future of 2020 when a deadly virus circulated the planet. Humans could only survive by living in “bubbles”. These were giant bubbles that enclosed whole cities. To leave would be instant death.

So I had a look on ebay. There were loads of 1987 Bunty Annuals for sale. Most cost approx £5. Being a cheapskate I bought one at a Buy-it-now price of £2 plus postage. I thought no more about it until a week later I noted an ebay refund on my bank statement. The seller hadn’t honoured the order and instead was re-advertising the book at £66. You what? To add insult to injury ebay emailed me a few times asking if I still wanted a Bunty Annual with a link to that inflated price. I absolutely hate things like that. If I had accidentally advertised Amazing Fantasy 15 for £1 instead of £10,000 I would honour my original price.

A similar thing happened to me on ebay last year. Someone was offering a bunch of early 1960s Flash comics for very reasonable prices. I snapped them up only for the seller to change their mind. Perhaps they’d now seen the same issues selling for much more elsewhere. I received a refund and the comics duly re-appeared at much higher prices.

2/ Three or four years ago I had my “Top 15” played on Radio Caroline. I didn’t actually listen to the hour long show. I had more important things to do that day, collecting my new car from the dealer. I did actually record the show so who knows I may listen to it one day.

Anyway I hadn’t listened to Radio Caroline since but back in November I was at such a loose end I revisited their website. It seems “Top 15s” were still broadcast daily at 9am. You could see the list of tracks that people had chosen for the next 7 days. Without exception the lists were unbelievably uninspiring. Genesis. ELO. Queen. (place your crap mainstream 1980s band here). I thought I could do better. But first I had to submit 6 of my chosen tunes for moderation. Three were rejected. Three were accepted. If I had placed a bet I would have said the three accepted would have been turned down and the three that were rejected would have been welcomed with open arms as they were (excellent) cover versions of popular songs Radio Caroline often play. So I don’t know by what criteria a tune is deemed unsuitable. Anyway my “Top 15” has been submitted. If by some fluke they decide to broadcast it, expect it in 12 months time, such is the long list of contenders.

3/ In late December 2020 the now-newsworthy 1987 Bunty Annuals were being advertised at prices varying between £25 and £250. Last week there was just one at a Buy-it-now price of £9.99 including postage which I immediately snapped up. Let’s see if the seller of that book plays fair or not.